10 Best Dance-off Movies

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10 Best Dance-off Movies
1. Step Up
2. Stomp The Yard
3. Dirty Dancing
4. You Got Served
5. Dance Flick
6. Breakin’
7. Planet B-Boy
8. Black Swan
9. Street Dance
10. Magic Mike

Dance movies have been around since the beginning of the film industry. It started off with tap dancing and ballet, then the revolutionizing influence of breakdancing and up to the present where modern dancing breaks all conventions and fuses every style together. But regardless the style, only the best dancing manage to move the audience and the movies are only as good as the dancers who perform in them are.

Most entertaining battles

No one watches a dance movie for the plot, so it`s pretty common for them to have almost average storylines. But for what it lacks in story, it makes up for with about the impressive choreography and intense physical performances. A dance battle in a competition is something common, but when it comes to movies, things are a bit more complicated. As rare as they are, dance-offs are the best scenes of a movie.

The stakes are high, the competition gets fierce, and the action gets really intense. Each crew tries to bring a different perspective on the basic concepts of dancing, trying to surprise you with something you`ve never seen before. Some of the most entertaining battles are the ones where they poke fun at each other, exchanging sneering glances and showing off their skills. Although this types of movies are relatively low in number, there are some pretty spectacular ones that are worth seeing. Whether you`re part of the people who love to shake it or part of those who`d rather enjoy watching others do it, dance movies are the right choice for you.

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